The need for real-time collaboration has grown across the transport and logistics industries and more companies are seeing the benefits of fleet management software. Leveraging a mobile solution to track and monitor vehicle compliance and maintenance is the best way to increase fleet visibility and efficiency.

What is Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software enables transport and fleet managers to continually monitor their vehicles, equipment, and drivers from a single application.

Examples of software capabilities include:

  • Ensuring vehicle and asset compliance
  • Scheduling vehicle/equipment maintenance
  • Managing jobs from assignment to completion
  • Scheduling PMIs
  • Monitoring driver behaviour and measuring performance
  • Managing and reducing fuel costs
  • Scheduling vehicle/equipment maintenance
  • Managing jobs from assignment to completion

Vehocheck software provides instant access to information including vehicle compliance, maintenance, and utilisation on an easy-to-navigate and understand dashboard. Vehocheck job cards also provide advanced insights into job status, costings, and downtime.

We’ve developed the Vehocheck app to reduce paperwork and facilitate a more robust and reliable way for fleet managers to manage their vehicles, assets, and team quickly and effortlessly.

Vechocheck App for Drivers

Drivers perform their daily walkround checks via a mobile device and all the captured data is sent in real-time back to the Vehocheck system.

Vehocheck for Technicians and Engineers

Technicians and engineers use the Vehcocheck app to rectify defects, plan, carry out and record DVSA Safety Inspections (PMIs) and other vehicle maintenance tasks digitally. All vehicle rectification and service inspection reports are submitted in real-time, creating a tamper-proof end to end audit.

Going Digital

Going digital with Vehocheck creates a DVSA compliant robust audit trail while saving a lot of time on manual tasks. All vehicle inspections and rectification reports are submitted in real-time, creating a tamper-proof end to end audit trail which ensures DVSA compliance.

What are the Benefits of Fleet Management Software?

While there are many benefits of fleet management software, the overall value comes down to improving efficiency. Having complete visibility into your operations with fleet management software enables transport and fleet managers to track operations in real-time and collaborate with their team to quickly resolve any compliance or maintenance issues.

As technology continues to advance, the ability to stay connected with others and manage data efficiently keeps improving. Though many fleet managers still rely on outdated processes, like paper defect reports, spreadsheets, and wall planners to manage fleet operations, these solutions lack visibility and efficiency.

While some transport and fleet managers may be intimated by software, the Vehocheck defect reporting and fleet management system is intuitive, easy to use and quick to adopt.

One of the greatest benefits of fleet management software is the ability to track fleet data in real-time. Having a complete view of your fleet’s data allows you to ensure compliance, measure efficiency and make adjustments that will help reduce downtime and costs.

How Does Fleet Management Software Improve Efficiency?

Time management is crucial and your fleet hinges on vehicle/asset uptime. Vehocheck’s fleet management system helps keep your fleet compliant and efficient by enabling quicker communication, eliminating time-consuming data entry, and automating workflows.

Daily Walk Aroundchecks

Paper daily walkround checks have long been the norm for fleets to identify defects and maintain compliance. Unfortunately, paper defect reports can often be incorrectly filled out, misplaced, or become a tick box exercise. With Vehocheck, you can ensure that the daily walkround checks are being completed correctly.

Communicating with your team on the road or in the field can be challenging and often result in inaccuracies that halt productivity, but with Vehocheck, your drivers can perform daily walkaround checks, report in-service defects and accident/ incident reports in real-time as well as view and comment on updates, inspections, and job cards.

Eliminating communication gaps with the help of Vehocheck allows fleet managers to connect with their team to efficiently resolve issues.

Streamlining Maintenance Workflows

Another benefit of fleet management software is the ability to improve your maintenance process. By tracking fleet maintenance digitally, you can track workshop productivity, vehicle/asset health and repair costs in a single system.

To avoid downtime and maintain efficiency, transport and fleet managers can set service reminders and notifications for preventive maintenance tasks, ensuring assets are routinely serviced to ensure good operating condition.

Using job cards can also save valuable time, when defects/issues are identified, managers can create and assign job cards to begin the repair process. Job cards keep your team in sync and help avoid miscommunications that can set back repairs and increase downtime whilst keeping track of costings that can affect your bottom line.

Eliminate Spreadsheets

A lot of fleet managers are still using spreadsheets to manage their vehicles and assets. There are some serious limitations with using spreadsheets which have an increased risk of human error, lack basic security and are more time-consuming than using software.

Spreadsheets are an outdated way of tracking and managing fleet assets. Using Vehocheck not only gives you a real-time overview of your fleet but you can also

plan, share and manage upcoming asset maintenance and repairs with a complete calendarised maintenance schedule for your fleet.

All repairs, maintenance records and costings are stored against each asset Id, creating a full-service history per asset, and demonstrating that the asset has been maintained in line and complies with DVSA and the manufacturer’s service schedule and guidance.

Cost Savings

Most fleet managers struggle with maintaining an accurate view of expenses to control their bottom line. Tracking real-time fleet costs is nearly impossible if you’re manually entering data from receipts and invoices into a spreadsheet.

With Vehocheck you gain instant insights into spend and costs and better understand the true cost of owning and operating the vehicles in your fleet, giving you a full financial picture of your vehicle ownership, and ensuring that your assets remain profitable.

Seeing all your operating costs, asset values, and depreciation costs in one place gives you greater visibility. Along with tracking asset reliability and durability, for future forecasting, and much more.

Track repairs, maintenance as well as parts and labour with ease and see how much your assets cost to maintain and retain. Report on cost trends and KPIs for individual assets, depots, or workshops.

Asset and fleet management software like Vehocheck enables you to set KPIs that are important to your business. Giving you a bespoke solution to finding areas where you can cut asset-related costs.

About Vehocheck

Vehocheck is a fleet management and compliance software solution for operators, drivers and workshops, which provides a fully traceable vehicle maintenance, compliance and repair audit for all your assets or vehicles.

The process from vehicle defect identification and managing the repair is enhanced through our workshop job card system, customised reporting to highlight driver behaviour and vehicle issues, with additional in-depth repair cost analysis.

By instantly delivering crucial asset or vehicle defect information, the procedures for correcting these issues can be expedited; enabling companies to maintain a productive, safe and compliant fleet.