Vehocheck is a DVSA Authorised IT Supplier

Vehocheck, the most compliant yet customisable way to complete an HGV daily walkaround check!

Drivers and vehicle operators, as well as transport/fleet managers, have a responsibility and duty to ensure that the vehicles they operate are safe to drive, roadworthy and compliant. Undertaking an HGV Daily check, also referred to as a daily walkaround check, must be carried out before the HGV is driven on the road each day to fulfil this obligation.

Previously checks were carried out on paper, which was unreliable, inefficient and susceptible to false and incorrect reporting.

As a driver must record all of the defects found during the daily walkaround checks and any which become apparent during its use, which is commonly known as a defect during service, using a paper-based system quite often became a tick box exercise.

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HGV pre use inspections
HGV daily checks

No more chasing paper check sheets.

Vehocheck makes it easy for drivers to complete their walkaround checks, report defects and nil defects as well as reporting incidents and accidents digitally.

Our intuitive vehicle defect reporting app enables drivers to complete thorough vehicle inspections, pre-use or daily walkaround checks instantly from their mobile devices.

Designed to not only fully streamline the vehicle inspection process and remove the need for manual paper trails, but Vehocheck also gives drivers the facility to submit fit to drive declarations, input fuel purchases, report incidents and much more.

All reports submitted instantly alert the fleet department in real-time and can be audited and managed from within the Vehocheck fleet management system giving you complete control and visibility of all your fleet

With Vehocheck, you can be confident that your inspection and rectification process is robust and complies with the DVSA, HSE and FORS safety and maintenance guides.

Ensure DVSA Compliance and Manage your Fleet with Vehocheck

Vehicle Defect and Incident App

Fleet Management and Visibility

  • Defect management
  • Compliance reporting
  • KPIs and cost analysis
  • Monitor driver behaviour
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Full document storage and data integration

Workshop Maintenance and Management

  • Reduce vehicle off-road (VOR) time
  • Preventative Maintenance Inspections and ad-hoc maintenance
  • Job card creation and management
  • Import jobs
  • Repair cost analysis
  • Calendar view (calendarised) scheduling
  • Service, warranty and tyre history

Ensure DVSA Compliance and Manage your Fleet with Vehocheck


Vehicle/Asset Defect App


Fleet and Asset Management


Workshop Management