Vehocheck is a DVSA Authorised IT Supplier

Vehocheck Workshop Management

Simplify and streamline your workshop repairs and maintenance in one place.

Vehocheck Workshop Management enables your technicians and engineers to rectify defects, plan, carry out and record DVSA Safety Inspections (PMIs) and other vehicle maintenance tasks digitally. All vehicle rectification and service inspection reports are submitted in real-time, creating a tamper-proof end to end audit trail which ensures DVSA compliance.

Designed for both internal and external vehicle technicians, Vehocheck Workshop Management is easy to use and intuitive.

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Vehocheck Workshop Management

  • Intelligent repair management
  • Preventative Maintenance Inspections (PMIs)
  • Job card creation and management
  • Repair cost analysis
  • Calendar view (calendarised) scheduling
  • Service, warranty and tyre history
  • Workshop assignment
  • Vehicle/Workshop cost analysis
  • Full Service, maintenance and repair records
  • Workshop data integration
  • Bespoke Report Builder
  • New Feature: Xero Integration (Read More)

Ensure DVSA Compliance and Manage your Fleet with Vehocheck

Core Features And Benefits of Vehocheck Workshop Management

Vehocheck vehicle and asset workshop management

Ensure DVSA Compliance and Manage your Fleet with VehoCheck

More than a workshop organiser

Plan, share and manage upcoming asset maintenance and repairs with a complete calendarized maintenance schedule for your fleet. Set automatic reminders and notifications so you never miss an important maintenance event.

All repairs, maintenance records and costings are stored against each asset Id, creating a full-service history per asset and demonstrates that the asset has been maintained in line and complies with DVSA and the manufacturer’s service schedule and guidance.

Workshop organiser

Job Cards

Remove the need for paperwork with digital job cards. Quickly and effortlessly create job cards to complete digitally, email to external workshops or print off. Create job lines, choose assets, assign workshops and much more from within the Vehocheck dashboard.

Check and be notified of the status of all your repair and maintenance jobs, see notes, detailed reports, and parts required and ordered. All records and historical records are stored against the asset ID thus creating an audit trail that is tamper-proof, available online 24/7 and accessible from anywhere.

Cost Analysis Reports

Track repairs, maintenance as well as parts and labour with ease and see how much your assets cost to maintain and retain. Report on cost trends and KPI’s for individual assets, depots or workshops.

Gain instant insights into spend and costs and better understand the true cost of owning and operating your vehicle fleet, giving you a full financial picture of your vehicle ownership and ensure that your assets remain profitable.

Preventative Maintenance Inspections (PMI’s)

Vehicle and trailer inspection schedules can be created for each asset with a range of options available to automatically control how schedules are planned, managed and undertaken. Vehocheck dashboard will alert you on upcoming events as well as generating multiple reports and notifications to ensure you never miss an event.

Paper-based Preventative Maintenance Inspection documents can also be uploaded to the system, which is quickly digitised and filed against the correct vehicle, reducing manual inputting.

Intelligent Repair Management

Increase visibility and efficiency by reporting, tracking and managing all vehicles and asset repairs, scheduled maintenance and ad hoc maintenance. View a full repair and service history electronically from anywhere and share with driver’s users and technicians as well as transport managers and fleet coordinators.

Track all maintenance activities and costs through a standard job line classification system, enabling you to categorically report on service activities by vehicle/asset and service task across your entire fleet instantly.

Standalone Workshop Management

Vehocheck Workshop Management is also available as a standalone service for organisations that predominantly support and repair other organisation’s vehicles and assets.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Change the way you manage your fleet and assets with Vehocheck

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