Frequently Asked Questions2021-10-18T18:13:47+01:00

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of phone will I need?2021-06-04T14:13:18+01:00

VehoCheck is available for both iPhone and Android devices, and is compatible with iOS 8 and above, and Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above.

How much of my data allowance does the Vehocheck app use?2021-06-04T14:12:36+01:00

VehoCheck is a very lightweight app. The initial installation uses around 20Mb of data. Once installed the app does not perform any background data transfer. Data is only transferred when initiated by the user, either through updating the app checklists, vehicle and driver data (syncing), or when a check report is submitted.

Check reports vary in size depending on the number of photos contained in the report. The majority of reports submitted by drivers are “nil defect” so will contain no photos. This type of report would typically use around 200kB of data allowance to upload.

Where checks include records of defects, a driver on average will submit 2 photographs with the report (many defects are often recorded without the need for a photograph). The data allowance used for uploading this type of report is typically around 900KB.

We can see from analysing VehoCheck data that defects are recorded on average on 12% of checks that are submitted.

During the submission process a PDF copy of the report is also returned to the app from our servers for storage on the driver’s device. This report file size also varies depending on whether the report contains photos. A PDF report without photos has an average size of 40KB and a PDF report with 2 photos has an average size of 185KB.

So, given the above figures, the process of submitting a report that contained no photos would use 240KB (0.024MB) of data allowance, and a report that contained photos would use 1085KB (1.085MB).

A driver will typically submit a maximum of 24 vehicle check reports in one calendar month. 12% or 3 of those checks will contain photos, the remaining 21 will contain no photos.

3 x 1,085KB = 3,255KB
21 x 240KB = 5,040KB
TOTAL = 8,295KB = 8.295MB = 0.0083GB per month

If we use an example of a driver with a phone contract that allows for 5GB of data allowance per month and using the data usage figures we have demonstrated above, we can calculate that the VehoCheck app would only use 0.17% of the driver’s monthly data allowance.

How much storage space will be used on my phone will be used by Vehocheck?2021-06-04T14:13:47+01:00

The VehoCheck app itself is around 20Mb in size. The amount of storage space required by the app grows with every vehicle check that is recorded. The average report, including photo storage uses around 240Kb of storage space. Vehicle checks on the device auto-delete after 30 days.

Can I view checks for my vehicle which have been performed on a different device?2021-06-04T14:14:16+01:00

Yes, in the vehicle check history section of the app you can download the last 14 days vehicle checks for any vehicle within your fleet.

Can I check other types of vehicle within our fleet?2021-06-04T14:14:43+01:00

Vehocheck is very flexible. All checklists can be fully customised to your needs, and can be applied to almost any entity. Our systems are currently used to check a broad range of vehicles including lawn mowers, road planers, wood chippers, cranes, forklift trucks and engineering plant.

How safe and secure is my data?2021-06-04T14:15:14+01:00

Vehocheck is powered by the Microsoft Azure Cloud with all data housed within the Microsoft Azure Cloud SQL Database. All transfer of data between our client interfaces (mobile app and dashboard) and our cloud-based systems are encrypted with Transport Layer Security over HTTPS. The Vehocheck system is also replicated over several geographical areas within the Azure Cloud to ensure durability and high availability.

Do you provide exports of the data that I store with you?2021-06-04T14:15:41+01:00

Yes, we have an export feature within our dashboard which allows you to export all of your data that you store on our systems.

How do you charge for your service?2021-06-04T14:16:17+01:00

Vehocheck is provided on a 12 month minimum licence agreement, and charged on a per vehicle basis.

How much does it cost?2021-06-04T14:16:46+01:00

Vehocheck is priced on a sliding scale dependent on the number of vehicles you register on the system. Our current pricing list can be found here

What happens if I add additional vehicles to your system at any time during my subscription period?2021-06-04T14:17:13+01:00

Your annual renewal date for your overall subscription will not change.  We will just bill you on a pro-rata basis for any additional vehicles which will cover you up until the date of your subscription renewal.  All vehicles registered will then roll over on to next years subscription at your standard rate.

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