For those who manage workshops for vehicle inspections and maintenance, integrating a reliable accounting package is paramount, that’s why Vehocheck has integrated with Xero accountancy package. This integration allows you to instantly generate invoices from job cards, PMIs, and other maintenance that your workshop provides.

Here’s how it works:

The Vehocheck and Xero Accountancy Package Integration

The integration with Xero accountancy package involves linking up the two platforms seamlessly to make them work together. This means that all the information (labour costs, parts costs etc) that are entered into Vehocheck Workshop Manager can be sent directly to your accountancy package so there is no need to manually enter information into both systems – saving you valuable time and energy!

What’s more, the integration allows you to see immediately which parts have been used in each job, so you know exactly what you’ve spent on each job card or PMI – removing any potential for mistakes or miscommunication with customers about what needs to be paid for.

The Benefits of Integration

Integrating these two systems offers several benefits for workshop owners looking to streamline their processes and improve efficiency in their business operations:

  • Automatically generates invoices from job cards and PMIs without having to manually enter data into both systems.
  • View all parts used in each job immediately. No more confusion when customers come back for their vehicles!
  • Streamlined processes lead to increased efficiency which will save you time and money in the long run.

Increased Efficiencies

The integration between Vehocheck Workshop Manager and Xero provides a powerful tool for businesses that want to streamline their financial processes while still maintaining accuracy and convenience in billing customers for services performed or parts required.

With this new integration, vehicle workshops are now able to generate customer invoices easily while ensuring that all parts and labour costs are accurately billed without having to manually enter them multiple times across different applications.


So, if you’re looking to manage your vehicle inspections and maintenance more efficiently, then the integration of Vehocheck Workshop Manager and Xero may be the perfect solution for you. If you would like a demonstration of the integration, just get in touch.

About Vehocheck

Vehocheck is a fleet management and compliance software solution for operators, drivers and workshops, which provides a fully traceable vehicle maintenance, compliance and repair audit for all your assets or vehicles.

The process from vehicle defect identification and managing the repair is enhanced through our workshop job card system, customised reporting to highlight driver behaviour and vehicle issues, with additional in-depth repair cost analysis.

By instantly delivering crucial asset or vehicle defect information, the procedures for correcting these issues can be expedited; enabling companies to maintain a productive, safe and compliant fleet.