In winter, driving can become a challenging task due to snow, ice and strong winds. To stay safe on the roads during this time of year, there are some simple tips that drivers should keep in mind. Checking weather forecasts before setting out is important so that necessary plans can be made, and trips rescheduled if needed. This can help to keep your business on the road even when severe weather is present.

But with a few simple tips, drivers can stay safe on the roads this winter.

Carry Out A Daily Walkround/Pre-Use Check Before You Go

Before you hit the road this winter, it’s important to check that your vehicle is roadworthy. Performing daily walkaround checks on a commercial vehicle is key for ensuring its safety, reliability, and longevity in any season but especially during cold weather months. Drivers should make sure to follow their company’s procedures for the inspections as well as stay aware of the potential risks associated with cold weather driving.

By taking the time to perform a daily walkaround check correctly, drivers can help ensure that their vehicles will remain safe and operational not just in winter but all year round. It is also important for drivers to keep an emergency kit in their vehicle during winter months as well as be aware of symptoms that could indicate a problem with the vehicle. Following these tips can help keep your commercial vehicles safe and operational during the winter months.

Know How to Drive in Poor Conditions

When driving in poor conditions such as snow or ice, it’s important to slow down and increase following distances between other vehicles on the road—it takes longer for cars to stop on slick surfaces so you want to give yourself more time to react if something happens ahead of you. It’s also important not to use cruise control when driving on wet or slippery roads because your vehicle may suddenly accelerate if it loses traction without warning.

Lastly, be aware of black ice—this is a thin layer of transparent ice that forms on pavement and is hard to see until it’s too late! If possible avoid shady areas where black ice could form during cold days after a snowfall or freezing rain event.

Stay Alert While Driving

It’s always important for drivers to stay alert while behind the wheel—but even more so during winter months when poor conditions can lead to dangerous situations quickly. Make sure you get enough rest before hitting the road so that you are alert enough to drive safely this season!

Also, watch out for other drivers—other people may not be prepared for icy roads or may not know how to handle their vehicles correctly under these conditions. If possible, try not to drive during snowstorms or periods of heavy rain as visibility will be decreased due to poor visibility from falling snow/rain and blowing winds which could cause whiteout conditions at worst case scenarios!


Winter weather can be challenging for drivers—but by following a few simple tips like carrying out a daily walkaround/pre-use check before heading out, knowing how to drive safely in poor conditions, and staying alert while behind the wheel, drivers can stay safe this winter season!

With these tips in mind and some common sense behind the wheel, everyone can enjoy safe travels no matter what Mother Nature throws our way!

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