The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is a government body that is responsible for maintaining vehicle standards and improving road safety in the United Kingdom. They offer a service called “Earned Recognition” to transport operators that run small, medium, or large fleets of vehicles. So, what exactly is DVSA Earned Recognition, and how can it benefit your business? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is Earned Recognition?

Earned Recognition is a voluntary scheme that allows transport operators to demonstrate that they meet certain standards set by the DVSA. To participate in the scheme, businesses must first pass an initial assessment by the DVSA. Once they have been accepted into the program, they will be required to submit data (KPI’s) regularly so that the DVSA can monitor their performance. Businesses that can successfully meet the standards set by the DVSA are less likely to have their vehicles stopped for inspections.

Who Can Join?

The scheme is open to all light and heavy goods vehicle operators, as well as Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) operators, with a current Standard International Operator’s Licence (O Licence). You can join if you’re self-employed or if you run a fleet of vehicles – it doesn’t matter how many vehicles you have.

How Can Earned Recognition Benefit My Business?

The biggest benefit of Earned Recognition is that it can save your business time and money. Being less likely to have roadside inspections will mean less downtime for your vehicle, and demonstrating compliance with DVSA standards can help improve your public image and give you a competitive edge

As a DVSA earned recognition operator you’ll:

  • be an exemplary operator, and be able to prove this when you bid for contracts
  • be less likely to have your vehicles stopped at the roadside for inspections
  • be less likely to have DVSA enforcement staff visit your premises
  • be able to use the DVSA earned recognition logo on your website and other publicity materials (but not on your vehicles)
  • be recognised as a DVSA-accredited operator on GOV.UK
  • have direct access to a dedicated DVSA Earned Recognition team

Vehocheck and DVSA Earned Recognition

Vehocheck gives you a 360° view of your vehicle compliance and provides a fully traceable end-to-end audit on defects and defect rectification as well as maintenance and inspections.

As a DVSA Authorised IT Supplier, Vehocheck is developed to automatically measure, monitor and send the relevant compliance data KPIs required by the DVSA.


If you operate small, medium or large fleet of vehicles and you want to demonstrate your high levels of compliance, then DVSA Earned Recognition is for you. Show that you are an exemplary operator when bidding for new contracts and save time and money as your vehicles are less likely to be stopped at roadside inspections.

If you think Earned Recognition might be right for your business, contact the DVSA today to learn more about how to get started.

About Vehocheck

Vehocheck is a fleet management and compliance software solution for operators, drivers and workshops, which provides a fully traceable vehicle maintenance, compliance and repair audit for all your assets or vehicles.

The process from vehicle defect identification and managing the repair is enhanced through our workshop job card system, customised reporting to highlight driver behaviour and vehicle issues, with additional in-depth repair cost analysis.

By instantly delivering crucial asset or vehicle defect information, the procedures for correcting these issues can be expedited; enabling companies to maintain a productive, safe and compliant fleet.